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Arabian Food

Arabian FoodAre you looking for Arabian food in the Orlando, FL area? You’d be surprised to know that there is an Arabic restaurant and establishment nearby to cater to your Arabic food cravings.

Here at Jaber Especialidades Árabes, we’re a restaurant of many different cultures. One of those includes Arabian food, but also is home to Lebanese cuisine. Additionally, we also serve Brazilian cuisine and all sorts of Mediterranean food. We take pride in our expansive menu and will have many different dishes for you to try. We’re hoping you find something new for your palate.

Our restaurant is a family friendly restaurant as well, in hopes that you will bring your families to enjoy some quality food. Some delicious, well-cooked food is a huge part of feeling at home in a restaurant. We’ll make sure that you feel comfortable and have a great time in ours. Contact Jaber Especialidades Árabes today! We’ll have a place for you as soon as you get here.